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20 thoughts on “Recipes

      • This is a fabulous repcie! Due to bad weather I had to postpone a dinner party a night the chicken did well even with a 48 hour lemon bath..delish. A new go to in the sunday supper food category

          • Try Lynn’s first. That’s what I’m doing. Really, I’m going to try all of these if JUST ONCE the boys would leave bananas in the house. I must’ve bguoht 3 pounds of the things on Wednesday and we’re down to 4 already. My sons LOVE bananas. I’ll never deny them fruit but at this rate, I’ll have to wait to make the banana bread ’til they spend the weekend at their dad’s. Even then, I may have to hide them.

  1. Hi Lisa! Michael Ross posted your link on FB, I love it! Have you started an email list so we know when your next posting comes out? Would love to join, your recipes look great! I LOVE Barefoot Contessa! I actually was her last Halloween!! She’s my fav! Your doing great! Best, Lisa

    • I love that you were her for Halloween. Great idea. I need to figure out how to send alerts. I am not too technical. Thanks for reading. Glad you like it.

  2. Do you sleep? This is great. I’m always looking for a great margarita recipe. Now I’m on the hunt for Tommy’s in Chicago.

  3. Lisa, this is great fun to read. Keep it up. Next time you are here we can introduce you to the creator of Tommy’s mix but it requires a pretty “over the top” stop for margaritas at his restaurant. I have been getting over served there for years. Hope you are well.

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